Why choose Rebel Bean

Why Choose Rebel Bean?

Local. When you fundraise with Rebel Bean, you are working with a small, local, independently owned and operated company. That means we can do things quickly and your way.

Coffee and Tea is an Easy Sell. People in your community likely have coffee and tea on their grocery lists right now. So, it’s not a big ask for them to order it from you. And our pricing is not grossly inflated for fundraising.

Big Profit Margins. Our 400g bags sell for $20.00 and earn your organization $6.00 per bag of whole bean coffee or $5.50 for ground. Loose leaf teas earn $4.00 from every 50g bag sold.

Ordering is Easy and Delivery is Quick.   We provide you a custom link to enable your customers to order and we will ensure you receive your orders promptly and accurately.